I'm sorry. That sucks. But, good for you for coming out anyway. You're incredibly brave! HUGZ!!!

    Aw thanks :D

    I’m really not brave, I HATE coming out. It terrifies me and I end up playing the pronoun game (saying ‘they’ instead of ‘she’ or ‘gf’) and building it up in my head and then when I do finally come out everyone’s like WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? And then they think I’m the coolest person alive.

    But then once I’m out I become the QUEEREST person ever and everyone’s like ‘duh no shit you’re gay’ (well except my mum).

    So...your mum doesn't know about your sexual orientation? Or is it that she'd rather not know? Does she know you have a gf?

    I came out to my mum when I was 19 (I’m 23 now), she’s known both of my long term gfs but she’s not exactly supportive. Sometimes I think it’s just that we don’t have the type of relationship where we share things, but she always comments on my cousins’ opposite-gender partners and NEVER about my (ex) gf.

    It’s difficult, she’s catholic and thinks homosexuality is unnatural and I’m not good at talking about my queerness with her so nothing ever really changes, we’re both too scared to talk about it coz it WILL end up as a screaming match. GAH! 

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