Hey there 80s child who wishes it was still the 90s who is a 20 something femme who hasn't quite figured life out. And who most importantly is a fan girl who likes to dream. So ive seen you from afar and i just have to say that i think you are absolutely gorgeous and i was wondering if you would possibly let me take you out sometime? Its just you have the most beautiful smile i have ever seen, and i would like to be the reason for that smile if that is ok with you?




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    Windmark didn't arrive in a car, he teleported in as Broyles drove away.

    Ah right you are anon, my bad. Still doesn’t explain other instances when Observers have ridden in cars (5x05 when we first see the box and the um hole thing with the big cube thing that comes out - it’s 1am sorry). 

    And why Windmark isn’t first on the scene (in 5x04) before Broyles leaves, and when they’re in the warehouse, coz you know Windmark chose that moment to walk.

    Eh I guess Windmark is too important to die (yet?) and seeing as he didn’t even try to stop Peter when we spied on his Observer!Powers maybe there’s more to the story there.

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  1. The start of a beautiful Tumblr relationship

  2. Anonymous:
    what is your name?

    Hai anon!

    My name is Annaïs or Anna for short. I also occasionally get called ‘God’ but that’s another story for another time over a bottle of wine.

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    I'm sorry. That sucks. But, good for you for coming out anyway. You're incredibly brave! HUGZ!!!

    Aw thanks :D

    I’m really not brave, I HATE coming out. It terrifies me and I end up playing the pronoun game (saying ‘they’ instead of ‘she’ or ‘gf’) and building it up in my head and then when I do finally come out everyone’s like WHAAAAAAAAAAAT? And then they think I’m the coolest person alive.

    But then once I’m out I become the QUEEREST person ever and everyone’s like ‘duh no shit you’re gay’ (well except my mum).

    So...your mum doesn't know about your sexual orientation? Or is it that she'd rather not know? Does she know you have a gf?

    I came out to my mum when I was 19 (I’m 23 now), she’s known both of my long term gfs but she’s not exactly supportive. Sometimes I think it’s just that we don’t have the type of relationship where we share things, but she always comments on my cousins’ opposite-gender partners and NEVER about my (ex) gf.

    It’s difficult, she’s catholic and thinks homosexuality is unnatural and I’m not good at talking about my queerness with her so nothing ever really changes, we’re both too scared to talk about it coz it WILL end up as a screaming match. GAH! 

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    12, 20, 43, 47, 82

    12. Remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed? 

    Oh yeah it was a magical drunk moment. I initiated the kiss in front of EVERYONE and then we moved to a dark corner of the club (classy) and made out for about 2 hours. Best make-out session ever. Seriously I had never enjoyed kissing up until that moment. God kissing is sexy…

    20. What’s something you cannot wait for?

    Um the day I can say I have a monthly salary? And also moving out of home. That day cannot come soon enough.

    43. What will you be doing tomorrow?

    Tomorrow is Wednesday aka the worst day of the week. Wake up at 7:30 to go to work. Read a book on the bus and try not to cry (I’m finishing The Kite Runner so there will be many tears). At work try and do as little work as possible. Realise I have loads of work to do so get everything done in the last 2 hours. Go home, Tumblr, Facebook, Fringe, read, eat, sleep. 

    47. Do you believe ex’s can be just friends?

    Yes. That’s the short answer, but ultimately if all parties are okay with it then it’s perfectly possible. I wish I was still friends with my ex’s *shrugs*

    82. Is there somebody who meant a lot to you at one point, and isn’t around anymore?

    Oh boy, yeah loads :( but I think that if they were in my life now they wouldn’t be as important as they used to be so it’s okay. Losing friends and lovers just leaves room to grow and meet more people. GAH! I need a glass of wine now.

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    What is a SRHR activist?

    It stands for sexual & reproductive health, and rights. It’s kinda hard to explain, but my job basically involves campaigning for the rights of young people (15-25) to have the right to have sex lol. So this involves the rights to birth control and contraception, the right to sex education. It’s crazy how many people out there think young people don’t have the right to have sex, like it’s some kind of dirty disgusting thing, and that if we just don’t tell teach them about sex they won’t find out what it is or have any. 

    TL;DR: SRHR = sexual & reproductive health, and rights. And sex is great! :P 

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